Farm Markets: More than just great beaches, the Jersey Cape is home to dozens of large productive farms that help beautify the lush landscape.  Our rich but sandy soil yields bountiful harvests Spring, Summer and Fall.  A trip to the Jersey Cape is not complete without a visit to one of the many Farm Markets that offer a wide variety of fresh home-grown products. Our local restaurants proudly feature fresh fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs grown on Cape May County farms. Don't go home without sampling some of our delicious corn, tomatoes, peppers, lima beans, melons, and other products.  Remember our produce is "Jersey Fresh."

Farms and Farm Markets
Where to find Jersey Fresh farm products on the Jersey Shore

1. George's Farm & Farm Market
"Tomatoes, corn, peppers, cantaloupes, strawberries, bedding plants and all types of vegetable plants.  Specialty: U-pick strawberries 1st week in June.  Day & night hayrides October."

George W. Loos
Rt. 631 Tuckahoe Road
Marmora, NJ  08223
(609) 390-9119
Hours: 9am - 6pm, 7 days
Location: Route 631, 1 mile west of Route 9

2. Martinelli's Cedar Creek Farms
"Christmas trees & evergreens, bows, wreaths & grave blankets.   Specialty: Choose & cut on the spot.  Tip: Real trees area renewable resource & produce oxygen for a clean environment."

Stephen Christopher Martinelli
1923 Tuckahoe Road
Petersburg, NJ  08270
(609) 628-2283
Hours: 10am - 4pm, weekends, Nov. 29 - Dec 21
Location: Intersection County Routes 610 & 631, look for the red wagon.

3. Eisele's Tree Farm
"Christmas trees, December.  Tip: Place cut tree in water and keep water level at least one inch above fresh cut - can absorb a quart of water a day."

William J. Eisele, Jr.
310 Old Tuckahoe Road
Petersburg, NJ  08270
(609) 628-2758
Hours: 9am - 4pm, Friday thru Sunday

4. Schneider's Nursery
"Annuals, perennials, vegetable plants, shrubs, mums, pole limas beans.   Specialty: Grave blankets, Nov.-Dec."

Sarah & Jack Schneider
730 Route 610
Petersburg, NJ 08270
(609) 628-3166
Hours: 8am - 6pm, Daily May - October
Location: Route 610, 1 mile west of Route 50.

5. Meadowland Farm
"Mixed hays & livestock bought & sold."

David & Kathy Mason
Nick Mason
166 Route 50
Greenfield, NJ  08230
(609) 390-9076
Hours: Sun-up to sun-down, year round
Location: 1 mile north of Routes 50 & 9 intersection.

6. Secluded Acres Hay Farm
"Hay, straw, Ex: Timothy, alfalfa & wheat straw."

Stoddard C. Bixby
1479 Route 50
Tuckahoe, NJ 08250
(609) 628-2234
Hours: 7am - 7pm, 7 days
Location: Route 50, ¼ mile north of Triton Bar on Route 50.

7. DiLuzio's Farm Market
"Corn, tomatoes, peaches, melons, peppers, etc.  Specialty: Plants, flowers, fresh baked pies, fresh fruit salad, milk and bread."

Edward & Virginia Chiappini
Route 49, Box 176
Tuckahoe, NJ  08250
Hours: 9am - 6pm, Daily
Location: 3 miles west of Routes 50 & 49 on Route 49.

8. Jeffers Garden Scents
"Annuals, perennials, herbs & cut flowers.  Florist & greenhouse grower"

Elizabeth Riker
1222 Shore Road
Palermo, NJ  08223
(609) 390-1846
Hours: 9am - 5pm, Saturday & Sunday
Location: Intersection of Routes 631 & 610.

9. Old Cellar Creek Farm
"Christmas trees, American Cape Beach Grass, pumpkins & watermelons."

Michael or Patti DuBruille
1423 South Shore Road
Palermo, NJ  08223
Hours: Seasonal
Location: 3 miles south on Route 9, off exit 25 of Garden State Parkway

10. Hy-Line Farm
"Horses, feed store and horse equipment.  Specialty: Standing our Stallion.   Tip: Be familiar with horses and their care before buying one."

John C. & Doris Sturm
301 Summer Avenue
Woodbine, NJ  08270
(609) 861-2506
Hours: 12:30pm - 7pm, Tuesday to Friday; 9am - 5pm, Saturdays
Location: Summer Avenue, behind Gentilini Ford.

11. Pleasant Home Farm
"Sheep, Angora Goats and Rabbits.  Specialty: Lambs, Kids, Rabbits, plus by-products."

Alice Seebaugh
185 Kubiak Road, Dennis Twp.
Woodbine, NJ  08270
(609) 861-5719
Hours: Open year round, by appointment
Location: 1 mile west of Washington Ave & Summer Rd, east of Lake Nummy - Belleplain State Forest.

12. Curlew Bay Club Farm
"Specialty: Christmas trees & greens."

William Roth, Jr.
3053 Shore Road
Ocean View, NJ  08230
(609) 624-0571
Hours: 9am - 5pm, Daily
Location: 9½ miles south of Route 50 in Seaville.

13. Shenandoah Appaloosas
"World halter horses, bloodlines - legends & World Champions."

Carol A. & Clarence J. Tomlin
121 Fremont Avenue
Woodbine, NJ  08270
(609) 861-2319
Hours: 9am - 5pm, Daily
Location: 1 mile off Washington Avenue.

14. Rifkin Sunshine Farm
"Asparagus, blueberries.  No pesticides.  Tip: Asparagus is a good source of vitamins A & C."

Ruth Rifkin
RD 3, Box 95
Woodbine, NJ  08270
Hours: Weekends
May thru June: Asparagus
July thru September: Blueberries
Location: 1½ miles south of Woodbine, on Tyler; left side of road.

15. Macellaros Farm
"Strawberries, peppers, melons, tomatoes, squash & pumpkins.  Specialty: U-Pick."

Frank Macellaro
145 Macellaro Road
Woodbine, NJ 08270
(609) 861-2068
Hours: 8am - 5pm, 7 days

16. Belleplain Farms
"Grain products - corn, soybean, grain soybean & rye seed.  Specialty: Deer hunting - October thru January.  Gun Center & supply store.  Botanical blend of extracts from herbs."

Nick Germanio
346 Hand Mill Road
Belleplain, NJ  08270
(609) 861-2345
Hours: 8am - 6pm, Monday thru Friday; 8am - 3pm Saturday & Sunday
Location: 346 Handsmill Road Spur - Route 550.

17. North Country Knits™ Sheep Farm
"Yarns, sweaters, freezer lamb, sheepskins.  Holiday Craft Show."

Lynne LoPresti
551 Hands Mill Road
Belleplain, NJ  08270
(609) 861-0328
Hours: Year round, by appointment or chance.
Location: Route 550 Spur off Route 347.

18. Greg Mason Farm
"Blueberries, U-Pick."

Greg Mason
Tarkiln Road
Belleplain, NJ  08270
(609) 861-2161
Hours: 8am - 7pm, Daily, July thru August
Location: Gravel road at the forest fire tower off Route 605.

19. McKaig Farm
"Specialty: Hay"

Otis McKaig
601 Hagan Road
Dennisville, NJ  08214
Location: West end of Hagan Road.

20. Pembrook Farm
"Summer riding camp, lessons, horse shows."

Eleanor A. Robinson
1722 Route 47
Eldora, NJ
(609) 861-5066
Hours: 8am - 5pm, Daily
Location: Route 47 between mile post 21 & 22.

21. Krogman's Christmas Tree Farm
"Christmas trees.  Specialty: Fresh wreaths, grave blankets, & potted trees."

Jim Krogman
Fidler Road
Dennisville, NJ  08214
(609) 861-5537
Hours: 9am - 6:30pm, Daily, November 28 thru December 23
Location: 1½ miles north on Route 638 (Fidler Road).

22. Wheeler's Farm
"Specialty: Corn, also tomatoes, melons, peppers, squash, strawberries & asparagus, in season.  Jellies, dried flowers and bedding plants.  U-Pick pumpkins and hay rides.  Preserved Farm under Farmland Preservation Program."

Jack & Sue Wheeler
488 Route 47 North
Goshen, NJ  08218
(609) 465-4927
Hours: 9am - 5pm, Daily; extended summer hours.
Location: Route 47, at mile marker 15.

23. The Farmer's Daughter
"Specialty: Corn, tomatoes, melons, squash, peppers, strawberries & asparagus in season.  Jellies, dried flowers, bedding plants."

Jill Wheeler
Route 50
Seaville, NJ  08230
Hours: 9am - 5pm

24. Leaming's Run Gardens - The Cooperage
"Dried flowers."

Jack and Emily April
1845 Route 9 North
Swainton, NJ  08210
(609) 465-5871
Hours: 10am - 5pm, Daily, May 15 thru October 20
Location: Route 9, 1 mile north of Avalon, exit 13 off the Garden State Parkway.

25. Dias Creek Daylilies
"500 varieties; select plants from field; will dig on spot.  Tip: Daylilies are hearty & can be transplanted from April thru October.  Soak roots overnight in ½ strength solution of Miracle Gro®."

Gus & Ellen Epple
43 Route 47 South
Cape May Court House, NJ  08210
(609) 463-9690
Hours: 8am - 5pm, late June thru September; call ahead.
Location: Route 47, between Hand Avenue & Dias Creek Road.

26. Alexanders
"Corn, tomatoes, melons, peppers & pumpkins.  Bedding flowers & perennials.  hay rides to pumpkin patch.  Tip: Water early and often during heat of summer."

Kathleen Alexander
Delsea Drive (Route 47)
Dias Creek, NJ  08210
Hours: 10am - 5pm, Daily, May thru November
Location: West side of Route 47, ¼ mile north of Indian Trail.

27. Secluded Acres Farm & Garden Center
"Tomatoes, peppers, squash, field-grown mums.  Specialty: flower & vegetable plants.  Garden Train display open all year.  Tip: For nice size plants, keep field grown mums trimmed until mid July, then let them grow."

William H. Frank, Jr.
1024 Route 47
Rio Grande, NJ  08242
(609) 886-8547
Hours: 9am - 6pm, Daily, March thru December 24
Location: Route 47, across from Menz Restaurant.

28. Frank's Farm Market
"Sweet corn, tomatoes, beans & melons.  All vegetables hand picked fresh daily in season."

Frank Mattera
4006 Route 9 South
Rio Grande, NJ  08242
(609) 886-1362
Hours: 8am - 6pm, Daily, May thru November
Location 2000 feet south of Route 9 on Route 47.

29. Church's Seashore Nursery
"Annuals and perennials, Christmas trees.  Specialty: Garden designing."

Frank Church
638 Seashore Road
Erma, NJ  08204
(609) 884-3771
Hours: By appointment, March thru December
Location: 1 mile south of Breakwater Road.

30. LeGates Farm Market
"Corn, tomatoes, peppers, etc."

3400 Bayshore Road
North Cape May, NJ  08204
(609) 886-5513
Hours: Daily, late June thru November
Location: 3400 Bayshore Road, Fishing Creek.

31. No Frills Farm
"Corn, tomatoes, yams, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, onions, beets, melons, flower & vegetable plants.  Specialty: herb plants, cut flowers & herbs, hanging baskets.  Tip: to preserve basil, chop into fine pieces, mix with water.  Pour mixture into an ice cube tray and freeze.  When frozen, pop cubes into a freezer bag and use as needed."

Taylor Family
1028 Seashore Road
Cold Spring, NJ  08204
Location: South of Cape May Canal, on right, heading south.

32. Landseair Farm
"Salt hay mulch.  Special Service: Tideland Tours, by appointment - June 1 thru November 1."

Jonathan Sayre
1043 Seashore Road
Cold Spring, NJ  08204
(609) 884-4663
Hours: 8am - 5pm, Year round
Location: ½ mile south of Cape May Canal Bridge on Seashore Road.

33. Roadside Bouquets Flower & Honey Farm
"Fresh cut flowers, local honey.  Specialty: 30 varieties of flowers.  Pick your own flowers, party flower arranging.  Member of ASCFG.  Tip: The beautiful flower goldenrod is insect pollinated not wind pollinated like ragweed and is not the hay fever culprit - blame it on the ragweed."

Patricia Bowman
1080 Seashore Road
Cape May, NJ  08204
(609) 898-1711
Hours: 9am - 5pm, Thursday thru Saturday, May thru September
Location: South of Cape May Canal, Cold Spring.

34. Sea Horse Farm
"Specialty: Boarding, buying and selling horses.  Training & riding lessons (English & Western)."

Robert & Maria Schumann
27 Taylor Lane
Cape May, NJ  08204
(609) 884-5354
Hours: 8am - 6pm, Daily year round
Location: ½ mile from bottom of West Cape May bridge, south side of Seashore Road.

35. Leslie Rea Farms, Inc., Rea's Farm Market
"Vegetables, plants, flowers, nursery.  Specialty: NJ fresh produce and products.  Fall hayrides to the pumpkin patch."

Diane D. Rea
400 Stevens Street
West Cape May, NJ  08204
(609) 884-4522
Hours: 9am - 6pm, Daily, May thru December
Location: Bayshore Road & Stevens Street, south of Cape May Canal.

36. Cape May Winery & Vineyard
"Sales outlets: Old Granges Restaurant, Historic Cold Spring Village (609) 884-9066 and The Peter Shields Inn, Cape May (609) 884-6491.  Preserved Farm under Farmland Preservation Program."

709 Townbank Road
Cape May, NJ  08204
(609) 884-1169
Hours: Sundays for wine tasting, sales and tours of vineyard and wine cellar, by appointment.  Closed November thru May.